di Ghent & Young head out on May 22nd. Check out the tour dates, and some reviews from the April 29, 2023 launch. See you there!

"Wow! We have been booking artists for our unique “Speakeasy” space for three years, including many Juno Award winners and Order of Canada recipients. But this was exceptional. Both Astrid and Rita are such great story tellers with lyrics which engage as much as their music. Just as the most complex sea diving is found where the warm currents meet the cold ones, Rita and Astrid’s musical genres meshed to move the hearts of [the] enthralled, fully-engaged patrons laughing together and crying together for over three hours. Not one was willing to give up a moment, let alone their seats." Saxe Brickenden, co-owner Karlo Estates 

"[di Ghent and Young] are both refreshingly real... [their] laid back humour and storytelling was felt by all, as well as [their] femininity and beautiful songwriting. It was a treat to see such seasoned talent... I’m sure an ingredient many took away was the inspiration to be vulnerable."   Suzanne O'Connor, host of The Beat, 99.3FM