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Rita di Ghent, Composer, Vocalist, Bass Player: Discography

All Baby Wants is Me

(Rita di Ghent)
Rita di Ghent

All Baby Wants is Me


words and music by Rita di Ghent




Note: This “male’s eye view” version with lyrics written for the great Tony Bennett has never been recorded.




My baby’s met kings, my baby’s met queens

All the world’s wonders my baby has seen

But wonder of wonders, all baby wants is me.


My baby’s sipped cocktails in stretch limousines

Been courted by beauties who model Guess jeans

I guess baby’s different, ‘cause all baby wants is me.



She gives me a great big kiss every morning

And she cuddles me all the day

My buddies ask me how I do it

I just do it—what can I say?


Webber and Rice send baby their scores

Tommy and Calvin design baby’s drawers

But baby’s indifferent, ‘cause all baby wants is me.



She’s so pleasant, she never eats pheasant

And she doesn’t like fur

I know half a dozen bachelors who say,

“Mmm, we’ll take 6 of her!” (or: “Tony, we’ll take 6 of her!”)


Madonna gave baby her very own key

Georgio Armani invites her to tea

But she takes a raincheck, ‘cause all baby wants is me!



© Rita di Ghent

c/o Groove 225 Davisville Avenue, Toronto, ON M4S1G9