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Rita di Ghent, Composer, Vocalist, Bass Player: Discography


(Rita di Ghent)
Rita di Ghent


by Rita di Ghent



One step from peddling my body

One step from being a killer

One step from living on the street

One step from taking my life

One step from being crazy


I had a little glimpse of middle-class

It came and went with the daddies I had

I loved it and I hated it too

‘cause all it really did was remind me of how I wasn’t like you


I wore my daddies down with my bohemian ways

Refusing to marry or work 9 to 5 days

I breathe my passion like I breathe my air

I’d rather stop living than stop the way that I care


(Mark Ghent solo)


Toothless Mary kisses crack addict Joe

Layers of clothes and an overcoat

As they walk away arm-in-arm she calls me a slut…so?

It doesn’t phase me—I grew up in Chicago


She sleeps with one eye open and her bare heels stick out of her sleeping bag

I lie in bed, watching the ceiling fan, willing myself not to sweat

While the heavy sound of the bass shakes the walls until the sun rises and shines into my still open eyes

Sleepless in Bohemia


Café au lait babies play in the sand while mothers sit close by on a bench, smoking…smoking…and talking about how their men are never around.