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Rita di Ghent, Composer, Vocalist, Bass Player: Discography

This Body

(Rita di Ghent)

This Body  lyrics: Rita di Ghent 

 music: Rita di Ghent/Ian de Souza



A beautiful coca brown jazz singer heard me sing and complimented my style

She told me I looked like something from 90210. then she turned to her friends and said “How does that voice come out of that body?”




This body grew up in Chicago

This body has Italian roots

This body’s people were artists of humble means who became second-class citizens in their new country, not allowed to have civil servant jobs


This body was born of generations of strong women who walked out on the men who didn’t love them

Who humbled themselves by scrubbing floors

Because they valued their souls above all


This body knows what it’s like to be different 

This body’s father left her when she was a child

And this body never knew if her mother loved her

This body’s family was so poor that she washed her hair with bar soap

And craved those things that would make her hair gleam like the girls’ next door


tacit: So this body became a vandal and a thief to survive

Bb7 Eb7

You don’t know me, you just see my body

You don’t know me, you don’t know my soul

You don’t know me, you just see my body

You don’t know me, you don’t know the first thing about my soul




This body left home when she was 15 and this body took up with a grown man with a habit

This body suffered all kinds of abuse 


It was cheated on, objectified, stood up, manipulated and humiliated

This body didn’t know one thing about self-respect

Except that this body could never be made to beg


But after 5 years this body rose like a phoenix out of the ashes of its old self and this body walked away

And this body went back to school and this body became somebody and this body’s lived in Europe and Africa




And this body’s journeyed to India



first bullfrog groove:


This body waited all her life to caress the hand of one she loved

And when it finally was offered her, its palm—once mighty enough to coax breathtaking soul from a guitar—had become soft and yielding as the stomach of a leopard frog

And this bewildered body’s grieved night after night along lonely stretches of highway, her only company an incumbent harvest moon cradled by the sky


And this body died itself once and came back to life

And as this body hovered between life and death

No one would promise this body







that her voice would ever be heard again


And that’s why this voice can come out of this body.