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Rita di Ghent, Composer, Vocalist, Bass Player: Discography


(Rita di Ghent)
Rita di Ghent

My mother told me a story from when she was a girl visiting her sister in Sicily. If you want to make a boy endeared to you, take an apple and put it underneath your arm. Later give it to him to eat. He'll be under your spell and fall in love with you.


(the spell)





Grande Diana, regina del cielo e della terra,Io ti chiamo

E con il mio potere ti scongiuro di guarantirmi i favori che ti imploro


(Great Diana, queen of the sky and the earth, I call you

and with my power I charm you to guarantee me the favours I beg of you)




Jay Hawkings’ “I Put a Spell on You”


B-section: (words and music: Rita di Ghent)


Picked an apple, held it in my hand

Hoping it would help me help you be a man

Took a needle, stabbed the apple saying baby’s name

Once. Twice. A thousand times.

To make sure I’d make him mine.


Put the apple underneath my pillow through the night

Next morning I rose and I baked an apple pie

Can she bake an apple pie, charming boy, charming boy?

Can she bake an apple pie? Quicker than you can wink an eye

I put a spell on you.


Called up baby. Invited him to dine.

Can you, I said, come and see me ‘round ‘bout 9?

I’ve got a nice surprise—I baked your favourite pie

Oh, I’ll make you mine

If it’s the last thing I do, I’m gonna make you mine


I put a spell on you, etc.